How to set up a Tremulous server on Ubuntu Linux

I did this on Feisty, but it should work for other versions:

1. Download the .run file from sourceforge:

sudo wget

2. Run the install:

sudo sh ./

Take all the defaults, except also install the dedicated server option. I installed to /usr/local/games/tremulous.

3. Modify the server name in the config file:

cd /usr/local/games/tremulous
sudo vi base/server.cfg

4. Copy the patched version of tremded from tjw's site (contains important admin improvements). Assuming that you are still in /usr/local/games/tremulous, type:

sudo wget
chmod 755 tremded.x86

5. Copy the game.qvm file from tjw's site:

sudo wget -O ~/.tremulous/base/vm/game.qvm

NOTE: The instructions for these two steps can be found at tjw's site here:

NOTE: The qvm file (Quake Virtual Machine) and tremded files must match or the server will not run!

6. Run the server in test mode with:

sudo ./tremded.x86 +set dedicated 1 +exec server.cfg

NOTE: "dedicated 1" does not send a heartbeat to the master server.
You will see the game console. Type "status" to ensure the game is running.

Use the 'dedicated 2' option if you want your server to appear in the master server list. Otherwise the server will only appear in your local network list what you run the client.

To make a public server, make sure to assign a static IP address to your server, and set up your router to forward port 30720 traffic to that address.

See this discussion for the details.

8. Get a list of console commands with:


For example, change the map by issuing the command: map ; example: map atcs

9. To shutdown the game, type:


10. To exit the game console, type: