Blogger custom domain displays blank white page

You changed to a custom domain and now Blogger is displaying a blank white page? My experience: something is wrong with the Blogger template. Here's how to fix it:
  1. Change back to Blogger hosting from Settings tab --> Publishing.
  2. Go to Blogger Template Designer and change your template to something new. You may want to back up your current template first!
  3. Check the preview to make sure the changes look ok.
  4. Save.
  5. Do not change back to custom domain hosting yet! Wait a bit.
  6. Check that your blog is displayed properly by Blogger.
  7. Now change back to your custom domain. Wait a bit more. Maybe an hour.
  8. Your custom domain should be displaying your new template.

How to remove the left side navigation bar from Sharepoint

  1. Site Actions --> Edit Page
  2. Click Add a Web Part (left or right side, it doesn't matter)
  3. Scroll down and check the Content Editor checkbox

  4. You will see a message: "To add content, open the tool pane and then click Rich Text Editor";
  5. Click the "open the tool pane" link
  6. Click the source editor button, paste in the following code and click the save button:
    .ms-navframe {
    display: none;
    .ms-quickLaunch {
    display: none;
  7. Expand the layout category and click the hidden checkbox to prevent the Content Editor Web Part from appearing on the page
  8. Click Exit Edit Mode

To change the Content Editor Web Part later:
  1. Site Actions --> Edit Page
  2. You will see a (Hidden) Content Editor Web Part
  3. Click the Edit dropdown button to Modify Shared Web Part or Delete
  4. If necessary, click Add a Web Part, then the "Advanced Web Part gallery and options" link
  5. Click "Hidden Web Parts under the "Browse" section
  6. Select your Web Part under the Web Part List section
  7. Click the Add button at the bottom